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By Cashliquidationsga 12 Dec, 2017

Choosing the right furniture and fixtures in the hospitality industry is more difficult than the average layperson may realize. There are many factors to take into account, like what type of design your clientele is most comfortable with and who you are catering to.

A highway motel has a significantly different clientele than the Château Élan Winery & Resort in Braselton. Price is also an important consideration. If you’re not charging $300 a night, you can’t afford to splurge on luxury bedding – nor will your customers expect you to do so. That’s not a bad thing – it’s simply the reality of business and guest expectations.

Some hotels and resorts – due to location, purpose of the average guest’s visit and management’s goals and approach – can afford to go all out when it comes to implementing what can only be described as avant-garde hotel designs.

While these types of furnishings may not work for your hotel’s particular needs or budget, they may provide a bit of inspiration for the next time you update your furniture and fixtures.

By Cashliquidationsga 01 Nov, 2017

Gone are the days when an excellent hotel experience required little more than a comfy bed and clean room for a good rate. Modern travelers expect continuous connectivity to utilize their own technology and enjoy ultimate convenience and customization – just as they would at home – in addition to enjoying great hospitality and comfy rooms.

Hotels across the country are keeping up with the times, too, and we’re not just talking about your standard, complementary Wi-Fi. Hotel technologies have come a long way and are continuing to evolve, finding ways to incorporate mobile devices and smart technology into the user experience. Here are some of the cutting-edge hotel technologies emerging in the hospitality industry.

Mobile Room Controls

It’s no secret smartphones have changed the way we live. Many retail and service businesses have begun developing their own proprietary apps to enhance customer experiences, and it’s no surprise the hospitality industry has jumped on the bandwagon as well. Many hotels and resorts are leveraging these virtually ubiquitous devices to enhance convenience and improve guest stays. In some cases, calling room service, adjusting a room’s thermostat and controlling lighting can all be done from the guest’s smart devices from anywhere on hotel property. Think of it as a ‘concierge in your pocket.’

E-Check In

We’ve seen it in airports for years now; the ability to check-in via self-service kiosk. Hotels are now adopting this technology as well. Certain hotels will let you check in from your phone the moment you get off your plane, but even more utilize self-service kiosks to keep lines at a minimum and help guests be on their way.

Keyless Entry

New technology being adopted at a number of Marriott and Hilton hotels allow guests to replace their old-fashioned room key with their smartphone. The functionality is similar to credit card tap-to-pay technology. The guest must first download the hotel’s app, but once they do, they simply hold their phone up to the door knob to unlock their room. This removes the hassle of picking up and returning a room key, not to mention the threat of losing it altogether.

From the hotel’s standpoint, you’re also getting free advertising and hooking the customer in to your app, which they are unlikely to uninstall immediately after they check out. Once they have the app they may discover they really enjoy the increased convenience and functionality it offers. It may even sway them to stay at your hotel or hotel chain in the future because they already have the app and they appreciated the functionality.  

Streaming Over Cable

Many people have already cut the cord and moved to streaming exclusively, and a lot of hotels are following suit. In fact, industry experts are reporting guests will often decide where to stay based on whether or not it allows them to stream personalized content from their devices to their television, which gives them a more customized entertainment experience than TV alone provides.

Robotic Room Service

This technology is still rare, but hotels like the Marriott Los Angeles LAX have started employing resident robots for their standard room service deliveries. This technology cuts down on delivery time, lets guests hold on to their tip dollars and even allows guests to virtually interact with the robot prior to the delivery if something like a cancellation or change in order comes up.

Smart Rooms

Some hotels are opting to combine these new technologies into each room to create a more all-encompassing tech experience. Unofficially dubbed “smart rooms,” these hotel rooms allow for a completely customized experience. Guests will have access to smart TVs, wireless surround sound audio and all-in-one apps, like “myAway,” which allow guests to stream TV shows, play personal playlists, check in and out of their room and even check their flight status, all from their mobile device or TV.

Place a Premium on Guest Comfort

When it comes to hospitality, guest comfort is priority number one, whether that means staying up to date with the latest technology, or making sure your hotel, resort or timeshare is equipped with top-of-the-line furniture and fixtures.

Cash Liquidations is a national leader when it comes to FF&E, and provides comprehensive moving, installation, warehousing and project management services to hospitality industry businesses updating FF&E. If you have questions about our FF&E services or wish to schedule a consultation, we encourage you to reach out to Allen Moore by calling 478-992-9901.

By Cashliquidationsga 29 Sep, 2017
There is an ever increasing push for people to “buy local, Made in the U.S.A.” products and adopt “environmentally friendly, green” business practices. That’s not always easy from an FF&E perspective. There are challenges inherent with each, but there are companies within the FF&E industries that are striving to adopt these principles.

Buying local can be easy or difficult, depending on your definition of local. If you’re buying your hotel, motel or resort’s furniture, fixtures, equipment and supplies from local suppliers you are buying local. You’re helping that local business employ members of your community and keeping money in the local economy.

The furniture and fixtures you’re purchasing may or may not have been made in the U.S.A., but you are still patronizing a local business. The idea of “American Made” is further muddied by the materials utilized in fabricating everything, from beds and faucets to automobiles and computers. Many suppliers you’ve likely purchased furniture and fixtures from in the past have assembly facilities in the United States, but they may be purchasing fabrics, lumber and hardware manufactured in other countries using components sourced abroad.

There aren’t that many FF&E suppliers that truly sell “Made in the U.S.A.” products that are entirely sourced in the United States. Many employ American workers in assembly facilities and at showrooms and warehouses, but they’re also likely sending money overseas every time they purchase a bolt of upholstery from one of their suppliers.

We live in a global economy, and that’s very apparent in the FF&E industry where mass manufacturing and wholesale bulk purchases are a requirement for every job. Still, sourcing your FF&E services and materials locally, from American companies, does in fact benefit your community, even if every component wasn’t produced here and every dollar doesn’t stay in your neighborhood.

From a green perspective, the FF&E industry has made leaps and bounds thanks to companies like Cash Liquidations. It wasn’t too long ago when the majority of the industry’s waste ended up in landfills, filling up our precious natural resources with discarded furniture and fixtures from countless hospitality businesses. That no longer has to be the case.

Working with companies like Cash Liquidations offers multifaceted benefits that make a lot of sense for the clients we serve. Updating FF&E is never cheap, but it also doesn’t have to be a total loss anymore. Instead of paying extra to have the moving company haul away and dump all the old furniture and fixtures you’re replacing in your establishment, you can now make your outdated and discarded assets work for you.

Even traditional recycling of plastic bottles and cardboard creates a carbon footprint, but selling off used hospitality-industry table or nightstand to a private individual who will take it home and use it for years doesn’t really add anything to anyone’s carbon footprint that wouldn’t already be there. You’re saving money by selling an asset you would otherwise entirely write off, and you’re saving it from the dump by selling it to someone else who will continue to make use of it. The Cash Liquidations approach is truly a win-win for the industry, defraying your cost of getting rid of old FF&E while ensuring your business is being as green as possible.
By Cashliquidationsga 01 Sep, 2017
As we near the end of summer, travelers across the country are squeezing in their last minute road trips and
vacations. Though they’ll be staying at hotels and other hospitality establishments, they’ll be expecting a new kind
of hospitality experience, complete with new and innovative amenities.

Hotels are transforming themselves from just a place to sleep and store luggage to part of the destination itself. Thanks to emerging traveling trends, unique amenities are being incorporated into hotels worldwide to offer travelers a more luxurious, resort-like
By Cashliquidationsga 15 Aug, 2017
Updating furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) is an expensive proposition, and it’s no wonder you would prefer to cut costs wherever possible. At Cash Liquidations, we strive to stay up to date on the latest advancements and strategies in the FF&E industry so we can help our clients save as much money as possible when they get new FF&E.

Here are just a few relatively new strategies Cash Liquidations and other FF&E companies are utilizing to cut costs and improve efficiency.
By Cashliquidationsga 28 Jun, 2017
The styles and placement of hotel furniture can have a surprisingly significant impact on the assumptions people make about the establishment. Smart design and furniture choices can elevate guest perception without necessarily breaking the bank.

At Cash Liquidations, we know all about the benefits of smart hotel design and furniture, as we’re often on the front lines of implementing modernization and design efforts. As a company that warehouses new and used furniture, moves new furniture into rooms according to designers’ specific instructions and handles the removal and liquidation of old furniture, we have an up-close view of some of the latest trends in the business!

Boldness and Personalization

Today’s trends no longer revolve around one particular design genre. Mixing and matching furniture can present a unique appearance that is both stylish and unusual. Hotels have strayed from the beaten path to combine wood, metal and multiple fabrics that highlight a unique aesthetic. When it comes to color, bold is welcome in hotel lobbies and rooms. Utilizing bright colors can boost the energy of the space and make clients feel more positively about their experience during their stay. Of course, no hotel is complete without a touch of sophistication. Bold colors are often offset with more neutral or subdued hues to maintain an air of intimacy and neatness.


It’s more than just a blue bin. Many hotels are taking advantage of the recycled furniture and materials trend sweeping the nation. From mason jars to apple boxes to vintage furniture, hotels have begun seeing the beauty in recycling creatively and moving toward a more sustainable design plan. Today’s furnishings are no longer about opulence. Comfort and environmental awareness are at the forefront of hospitality.

Unique Focal Points

In both lobbies and private rooms, hotels are reinventing the “wow” factor. While hanging decorations or table centerpieces used to be the eye-catching features of the space, today’s focal points are much more adventurous. Entire walls and ceilings can be used as jaw-dropping attention-grabbers, making a room feel luxurious and unique. Some hotels choose to coat an accent wall in metal. Others may build a glass wall to separate the space without sacrificing light. Still others opt for unusual painted patterns or vintage furniture to accentuate the room’s head-turning style.

Dress Up Your Office with Cash Liquidations Inc. 

Hotels are some of the most fashion-forward establishments in the world. Their designers research trends new and old to create an environment dressed head to toe in elegance. Now, hotels aren’t the only ones taking advantage of high-brow design. When the biggest names in hospitality like Ritz Carlton and Westin start to redesign their spaces (which happens frequently), Cash Liquidations Inc. provides a turnkey solution for liquidating that old furniture by selling it to other people who can put it to good use.

As a hotel, that means you don’t have to worry about warehousing old furniture while you figure out a way to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way. Best of all, you can even recoup some money on a depreciated asset you may have just written off otherwise.
To learn more about our furniture, fixtures and equipment services , contact us online or call 478-992-9901.

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